Tina Lagao / Lacebal, real name Christina Lagao, born on August 3rd 1976. In 1994 she worked with Dune as a studio singer under the pseudonym Tina Lagao for “Are You Ready To Fly” and “Can’t Stop Raving”. After the band’s succes Verena stepped in and Dune and Tina parted ways.

In 1996 she did the vocals for the project Central Bass as a featuring under the pseudonym Mariell for the dance track “Still waiting for the summer”. She even appeared in the video. In 1997 the track was re-released with new mixes.

In 1998, for the second pop-classic album with covers, Dune asked Tina back, this time not only in the studio but also as front singer, under another pseudonym, Tina Lacebal was presented to the media.

She was Dune-vocalist/face for only a half a year in 1998. Following the departure of Vanessa (see biography) and the minmal success of both “Keep The Secret” and “Electric Heaven”, Dune decided to record another classical ballads album. As Tina was a friend of Oliver’s girlfriend, Dune did not have to look very far for their new vocalist. Tina was delighted to provide the vocals for this second “Forever” album, entitled “Forever And Ever”. One single was lifted from the “Forever and ever” album, “One of us”, a cover of the Abba classic. The video shoot for this single took place in Iceland. Unfortunately both the single and album achieved only mediocre success, reaching number 56 and 72 respectively in the German charts. There was some talk to release “Forever Young” as second single but the record company decided to do not. With no more singles were lifted from the “Forever And Ever” album and Dune decided to go back working on dance music again (that resulted in the comeback of Verena), Tina and Dune parted ways soon after.

In 2001 Christina finished her study, Artistic training and got her diploma in singing, acting and dance at the Folkwang University in Essen and went off to play in theaters, both in plays and musical productions, and she sang and acted in many live events.

She won the 1st prize in the musical category at the national singing competition in Berlin with a special prize from the Franz Grothe Foundation!

First festival engagement leads to the Hildesheim City Theater; then productions at the Thuner Seespiele, Theater Pforzheim, Theater Hof and at Theater Neue Flora, Hamburg in the production of “Tarzan”. Last engagement in 2016 as Cathy in “The Last 5 Years”.

She did the translation work for Routledge H. Goebbels, Aesthetic of Absence.

In addition to working on stage, acting and musical workshops at schools and leading various theater education projects, including at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, at secondary schools and speech therapy schools in Munich and at the Bundeswehr University in Neubiberg.

Lecturer in the drama departments of the University of Exeter and the University of Kent, England, in the subjects of drama, song interpretation and audition coaching.

Since 2015 research assistant at the Institute for Theater Studies and course assistant for the Bachelor students in the TWM with the tasks: questions about LSF, coordination of the occupancy, WP2, archiving and viewing of Bachelor exams.

Nowadays she lives in Munich (München) and has two little children. 
Since August 2017 she is also an administrator of the ERC projects in the Department of Arts.

She hopes to continue with singing and play on stage in the near future!

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