Oliver (Rudolf) Froning, born on July 25th,1963 in Munster, Germany. His career in music began in 1983, when he got his first job as a Dj. in the club Calypso. In 1984 he had choosen a name for his career, Dj. Raw. He has lived in Londen (England) for 3,5 years where he was Dj. in the club Odeon till 1990 and till 1994 he was a Dj. in the club Gogo.However, it wasn’t until 1992 that Oliver got his big break!

Together with fellow songwriter Jens Oettrich and music producers Bernd Burhoff & Plutone, Oliver put together the song “Hardcore Vibes” under the name Dune. The song was a huge hit both in the clubs and in the charts where it reached No. 5! Reflecting on the huge success of the first single, Oliver later commented, “We thought we would sell a few copies and that would be it. It was a different story when it started climbing the charts”.

Once Jens stepped down to solely back-stage production, and Verena was hired as the singer, Oliver became one of the two ‘faces’ of Dune.

Despite the ever changing face of Dune (they have had 5 singers to date!), Oliver has remained as one of the original members of the group. When the album “Forever” was released, Oliver showed the fans that not only could he produce hardcore rave beats but also classical compositions. His diversity was further shown on the single “Electric heaven” when he combined 90s techno with 80s electro music.

Following the failed “Reunion” period (see “History”) Oliver returned to DJing, once again using the name “DJ Raw”. Under this guise, he produced a track with a vocalist named LeeLu. This song, “Come alive”, was well received by the fans and only available to download from the DJ Raw website (www.djraw.de). In fact, the song “Come Alive” used the vocals of Oliver’s niece Janine, who originally provided vocals for the track “Hardcore vibes”. With the Dune project temporarily on hiatus, Oliver planned to record a solo album but this is as yet unreleased.

In november 2003 he started together with Kai Niggemann a new label called Rawcsnine records. In 2006 we saw a net-release for “Utopia”, a song that has the old Dune feeling.

Begin 2012 Oliver got married with Michaela Weinberg, Dune’s manager since 2014.

In 2016 we finally saw the release of a new Dune single called “Magic Carpet Ride”. This time Oliver written and produced the new single. Since the release of “Magic Carpet Ride” several remixes where released and also a new single “Starchild”. Since then Dune is back on track and soon we can even expected a new album!

Currently Oliver is working on new material for Dune with producers all over the world.

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