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05 December 2018

Tomorrow Judgement.DAY

Tomorrow, 06.12.18, there is a new trail and there will be (probably) a judgement in the Dune case! (… Bernd Burhoff, sues Oliver because he thinks the name, Dune, belongs to him, which is not true!) Let’s all pray and keep our fingers crossed (again)!! Good luck Oliver 🍀🍀🍀
03 December 2018

Uploaded a new interview

Uploaded a new interview with Oliver taken from April 2018. Originally it’s an Italian written interview so I did my best, with a little help from Google Translate, to give it you in readable English. Sorry if some sentences are a little bit ‘strange’ or incorrecte English… 😉 more
29 November 2018

We’re Alive -promo video-

BIP records, the Belgium label that released “We’re Alive” under Real EBC feat. Dune a week ago released a ‘official music video’ on Youtube. … But don’t get your hopes up.. in these days an ‘official music video’ is just the song with some promo for the label in this case! more
28 November 2018

Coen & Sander calling with Dune (@Radio538)

Popular Dutch “Coen & Sander show”, a radioprogram on Radio538 called Oliver to announce Dune will be the last addition to their “Das Coen & Sander Fest 2019” line-up. The Dutch sow will take place on Friday, February 15th. You can listen back to the phone call with Dune as follow: Download the free “Radio 538” more
26 November 2018

Singer of “We’re Alive”

Real EBC x Dune – “We’re Alive” is also out now in Belgium, released under the label “BIP Records” under exclusive license from 8Ball Music. Stream & Buy the song here Did you know? Talented Dutch Singer Rachèl Louise did the vocal part of “We’re Alive” and also helped write the song together with Typar, Andin, more
24 November 2018

Worldpremiere on the radio: Turn The Tide

Today Oliver was in the studio by @falk at Sunshine Live (radio channel Germany) to announce the world premiere of “Turn The Tide” to the world and because tonight he’s in the line-up at “Sunshine Live: Die 90er” I just turned in at time to hear the song in whole 🙂 If I’m right I heard more