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04 February 2018

Artist wanted!

Dune is searching for an artist that can drawing in the style of Enki Bilal (or similar)! Are you that person? Show Dune your work! more
28 December 2017

T-Shirt contest!

Here’s your chance to win one of Dune’s limited promo T-Shirts. You can not buy them anywhere. What you have to do to win this? Easy, just write in the comments Oliver’s „middle“ name. If there is more than one correct answer, chance will decide. You can give your answer on Dune’s Facebook more
22 December 2017

New Magic Carpet Ride release

Didn’t see this coming but Dune released online yet again a remix of “Magic Carpet Ride” from the remix contest: Painbringer Remix.
17 December 2017

Dune in studio?

Janine Kelly, Oliver’s cousin (famous of the line “This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation” and “I can’t stop raving”) posted on social media this picture today of them together. Are they recording vocals for Hardcore Vibes 2.0 and maybe some other songs? Let’s wait and see in 2018…
13 December 2017

Cheers Y’all // Stay Dune’d!

The year is almost over! We got the amazing Starchild single, followed by great remixes! And not to forget the amazing Overdrive remix of Magic Carpet Ride. It will be exciting to see what Dune has in store for us in 2018! There are 2 new chapters of the Starchild trilogy on their way (no date more
24 November 2017

Hardcore Vibes 2.0 is coming!

The legendary “Hardcore Vibes” tune Oliver wrote together with the marvellous Jens Oettrich is returning to the dance floors in 2018. More Infos will follow in beginning of 2018. A cd single and vinyl release is also expected 🙂 Stay Duned! (No info yet about “Starchild” chapter 2, 3 and Utopia but I think this more