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23 October 2018

Good luck today at Court!!

I and I think I can say this for every Dunefan, are sending all the love to Oliver today! Good luck(vibes)!!  🙏🍀🍀🍀🤞
21 October 2018

Dune Lawsuit on Tuesday!

Let’s all pray for Oliver ?? … and whatever happens, Oliver will continue to make new music so let’s support him! ————— Hey Dune fans, Probably you remember that Dune had to go to the regional court of Hamburg, already 1,5 years ago (January 17, 2017) because one of the former producers of the band project, Bernd Burhoff, sues more
05 October 2018

Dune & Loona recording session

Some more pictures released on social media of the studio session Dune did with Loona. It looks like Oliver is working together with music producers Daniel Schlögl and Henning Verlage for the new song “Turn The Tide”. The recording session did take place on Principal-Studios in Germany. more
04 October 2018

Dune in studio with Loona

Oliver Froning is recording a new song together with singer Loona called “Turn The Tide”. Loona is the artist name of Dutch singer Marie-José van der Kolk. She got famous in the 90’s with nr.1 singles “Bailando”, “Hijo De La Luna” and “Viva El Amor”! Later she worked with DJ Sammy who she is now more
24 September 2018

Fanalbum covers gift

Hey Fans! I’ve made 2 covers for my private Dune playlist on iTunes. One for the best songs and one for the best remixes. I’ve called the albums: Past.Present.Future (because I expect more new songs to add in the future;) If you like feel free to use it for your playlist 🙂 more
30 August 2018

#dunemovie ?!

The official Dune site got a new section: movie. Mentioned only the domain but nothing there yet.. And on social media you find a picture of Oliver’s dog Pari with also #dunemovie posted right after the site update. Curious what’s coming..