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06 April 2021

New remix upcoming

In a few weeks Dune will be working on a new remix! For who? Time will tell 😉 Wacht out for more news about this project. …And I think there are some signals that “Starchild – Chapter Two” is in the pipeline! more
25 March 2021

2 livestreams this weekend!

This weekend Dune will stream two times! (Like every)Friday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm Can’t stop streaming episode. you can watch it here: more
20 March 2021

New (bootleg) Remix by Entity soon online!

2 years ago Entity teamed up with Dune for “Nothing Is Impossible”. Now Entity has made a new remix for “Rainbow To The Stars”. It’s not an official release, but “Entity Back In Time Remix” wil be a free give-away! more
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