Kate Wild, born in Brighton, UK. Kate Wild is a session singer and topline writer specialising in Pop, Electronic, R’n’B and Rock vocals. Studying vocals and guitar from a young age Kate honed both her vocal and songwriting skills before discovering electronic dance music. In 2014 Kate teamed up with sound design label leaders Loopmasters and Native Instruments to write and record 3 best selling vocal sample packs. Notable vocal sessions for Kate include: James Bay, Tom Odell, Beverley Knight, Danny Howard (Radio 1), Mike Stock (Kylie Minogue), Damon Metrebian (Pink Floyd), Dan Swift (Snow Patrol), Global Music Publishing and Xenomania Records. Kate has also had various original feature releases with Spinning’ Records.

In 2014 Dune and Kate have recorded the vocals for the new single “Magic Carpet Ride”. Dune also teases more studio time with Kate so expect to hear more from Dune together with Kate Wild in the future.

in 2018 Re-Style & Dune released “Forever Young” together with Kate Wild as singer. Only this time without high-pitched vocals that made Dune famous.

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