Jens Oettrich, born on Marcht 6th, 1968 in Hamm near Münster, Germany. His career started when he was only 6 year old as a gitarist At the time that he become 14 he started a own band He became a studioprogrammer and keyboarder in Münster when he was 19. After a few jobs he met Oliver in 1994 and the project “Dune” started. For nearly a year he was the face of Dune along with Oliver Froning. However, once Verena was hired as the lead vocalist, Jens decided to step into the background and continue solely as one of the producers of Dune. Jens remains a part of the Dune-family till 2004. Beside Dune he is producent and remixer for artiests like: Black Legend, Randy Crawford, Sasha, Mabel, Namito und Koy.

In spring 2004 Dune had decided to stop again for probably a while and Jens starts focusing on composing music, like writing songs for a ARD-serie in Germany (ARD: TV station) and he’s playing live with the band Koy where he playing keyboard. Together with Koy he will work on new music. Next for Jens was producing an album for Louie Austen, set for a release in 2005.

Under his alias “Pete Clark” Jens recorded a new song together with Thomas Falke “High Again” (a new take on the song from Chris de Burgh) released in May 2005 and had a little succes in Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland.

In 2012 Jens co-composed the song “Propane Nightmares” licenced to the Olypmic Games 2012 in London and worked on a TV project for Nova Film, which will be aired from September, and produces the eagerly awaited third album by former Lemonbaby Diane Weigmann, set for an release in 2013.

In 2015 Jens made a guest appearance on stage by one of Dune’s live sets in a German club. This was a nice surprise for the fans.

Nowadays Jens is still producing for national & international artist and is enjoying composing music for TV and Film. For example he made advertising music for Coca Cola and for the European campaign for the brand Lenor’s. He produces signature tunes and scores for German prime time shows like RTL’s “Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten” (populair daily-soap in Germany).

Recently he did the film score for Disney’s “Binny & der Geist” and for the most successful TV serie in Germany at the moment “Club der roten Bänder 1+2” (won several important awards). And as ‘cherry on top’ Jens got nominated for “Deutscher fernsehpreis 2016” for the best filmmusic written for “Club der roten Bänder 1+2).

For more info and actual news about Jens, click here for going to his official website.

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