Janine Sandra Kelly, born on 23 march, 1984 in Londen. She is Oliver’s niece (Wo don’t know her famous line “This one’s dedicated to all the ravers in the nation!”.), who at the time was only 11 years old did the vocals for Dune’s first album. She also did some lines on the second Dune album “Expedicion”. In her own words: “Olli came over to visit when I was 11 and he asked me to read some lines and speak in a tape recorder then a year later I found out that “Hardcore vibes” was a hit”. In fact, Janine’s vocal talents later reappeared on the DJ Raw track “Come Alive” from 2001. Beside Dune she also did some vocals for “Over the mountain” from the Dune ex-dancer Anna (the single is also produced by Dune) .

When she was 15 year she moved to Germany, Meunster where she finished school. After that she was moving between Londen and Germany and had a short modelling career. She is married to a soilder from the British army. She Use the name Kelly-Fiddes nowadays. They have one daughter, Aliyah and living with them in Bergen Belsen. In 2009 Dune & Janine reunited for “Hardcore vibes 2009”!

In 2017 Janine graduated a study in Photography from the The Royal Photographic Society. After that she started her own photography company, more info here. She also moved with her family to Akrotiri, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Janine about Oliver: “He is a legand and has always been a father figure to me, love him loads!!”

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