Untitled (Unreleased)

Untitled (Unreleased)

Released Date : 31 / Dec / 2003
  1. 1. Rainbow To The Stars 2003     3:30
  2. 2. Million Miles From Home 2003     0:00

After the project Dune was on hiatus for a few years Dune has chosen to release a remake of their own releases first. Dune chosen “Rainbow to the stars” because it’s their favourite song and the song would remebering the people who Dune are. This time Oliver is again the fronman of Dune but without a singer. Beside their 2 own remakes of “Rainbow To The Stars 2003” and “Million Miles From Home 2003” (last mentioned played only one time live) featuring once again Verena’s vocals Dune decided to work in the future with different studio singers.

In the summer of 2003 Dune was working on a new album that was supposed to be released end of the year. Oliver and also Jens confirmed the album was already half done and they would finish the album end of the summer. Jens described the new music as ‘The album will be anyhow Dune, because we are all the same. But also we advanced and got older and the outside influences are not the same as 8 years ago. This is the reason, why the new album will not sounds like the earlier one, but you will hear, that WE are Dune. This is what I think. It is always hard to describe music..’

But At the end of 2003 there was still no word on the new album or single! Meanwhile Oliver (as Dj Dune) was touring with two dansers in Europe.

Although not confirmed, probably Dune stopped working on the new album after Sony Music was not happy with the sales results of “Rainbow To The Stars 2003”.

(No official albumcover or title released, this albumcover is fanmade.)