Forever Young (Only Promo)

Forever Young (Only Promo)

Genre : hard Trance, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Ambient
Released Date : 29 / Dec / 2018
  1. 1. Forever Young     3:38

“Forever Young” is a promo song released on YouTube and Soundcloud as an end of the year gift in 2018. Re-Style Feat. Dune – Forever Young.

Did you know?
Re-Style became famous with his (re-style)mixes of classic songs. A few years back he also mixed Dune’s “Rainbow To The Stars”.

Did you know?
The first and original version of “Forever Young” is from the band Alphaville. In 1994 the group Interactive released a happy hardcore version of it and many people, till today, think this version was done by Dune! In 1998 Dune covers the song and released a pop-classic version on the album “Forever and Ever” and almost became a single. And in 2018 Dune released together with Re-Style a new hardstyle take that reminds of the 90’s music! Although just as a promo song. Confused 😉

Did you know?
The singer of “Forever Young” is the same singer as of “Magic Carpet Ride” only this time without high-pitched vocals that made Dune famous.

℗ 2018 Mathijs Maas & Oliver Froning
Vocals: Kate Wild

(No official albumcover released, this albumcover is made by Jurgen Joosten.)

Official music video