Hardcore Vibes

Hardcore Vibes

Genre : Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Ambient
Released Date : 20 / Jan / 1995
  1. 1. Hardcore Vibes (South Bound Mix)     4:47
  2. 2. Hardcore Vibes (Good Vibes Mix)     5:30
  3. 3. Hardcore Vibes (Club Mix)     4:20

“Hardcore Vibes” is Dune’s debut single, a pure techno track that rocked the clubs the entire summer of 1995. Although later Dune song are more happy hardcore and even pop-ballads, some fans claims this song is the true sound of Dune.

The single release in the UK contains 2 extra remixes by DJ Dougal.

℗ 1995
Vocals: Jimmy Miller and Janine Kelly

Official music video