Hardcore Vibes 2010 (Unreleased)

Hardcore Vibes 2010 (Unreleased)

Released Date : 1 / Sep / 2010
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In 2009 “Hardcore Vibes” was re-recorded for a release in autumn. Dune and Mental Theo (Dutch DJ) confirmed they are working on a new version. They even re-recording the famous line “this one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation” again with Janine Kelly, she was only eleven when they recording “Hardcore Vibes” for the first time. In 2010 there where rumours that the single will be released under the name “Bassheadz vs. Dune” (one mentally Theo project).

A few months later the new version would be released as “Dune vs. Mental Theo – Hardcore Vibes 2010” through Kontor Records in Germany and worldwide by Ministry of Sounds but unfortunately Mental Theo confirmed on his website that the single release was cancelled by Kontor Records.

All remixes for the new version where already finished. Apparently one remix of this project survived online, the Arthur Project & Mike Tsoff Remix. You can hear the ‘grown up’ vocals of Janine Kelly in this track.

(No official albumcover released, this albumcover is fanmade with elements of the promo for the song.)