Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Released Date : 24 / Apr / 1996
  1. 1. Hand In Hand (Video Mix)     3:45
  2. 2. Hand In Hand (Head On Head Mix)     5:29
  3. 3. Hand In Hand (12″ Mix)     5:09
  4. 4. Hand in Hand (Jimmy Miller Remix)     04:52

Special for the single version Dune recorded with Verena new vocals. They added more lyrics and even recorded a children choir for the chorus in the end. Only in the Jimmy Miller Remix there was added in a second couplet with Verena and children choir. It was the summer hit in many countries in Europe.

Did you know?
The video was shot in 2 days in London, UK. Concept of the music video was a parody on the famous fairy tale “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. The video shoot used 20 real rats and Verena and Oliver where joined by 15 children!


There exist an official Christmas version of Hand In Hand (Christmas Mix). This version was released on the cd compilation Bravo Christmas – Hot & Holy in 1996. You can listen to it here:

℗ 1996
Vocals: Verena von Strenge

carton album sleeve

carton single  

Official music video