Back To The Future (Unreleased)

Back To The Future (Unreleased)

Genre : Dance, Electronic, Techno
Released Date : 1 / Apr / 2000
  1. 1. Back To The Future      3:48

Because “Heaven” was never released due to a court order, Dune wanted instead release the song “Back To The Future” as the next single but unfortunately Virgin Music didn’t see a hit in it and the forthcoming album “Reunion” was cancelled and the project Dune was put on ‘ice’.

Instead of a single release Dune released the song “Back To The Future” as an free download on their website to say thank you to the fans for their loyalty to the band for all those years.

Later the song was released as a bonus song on the best of cd “History”.

(No official albumcover released, this albumcover is fanmade)