5 (Unreleased)

5 (Unreleased)

Genre : Pop, Electronic
Released Date : 1 / Aug / 1998
  1. 1. Keep The Secret     3:26
  2. 2. Electric Heaven     3:09

The first single from their upcoming album with Vanessa was “Keep the secret” which was more in a trance style than any of Dune’s previous material. The song and video take us on a journey through time, telling us about the myths and legends of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Pyramids of the Nile and the Sphinx. The song charted at number 36 but did not reach the upper regions of the charts like previous releases did.

Nevertheless work began on the fifth Dune album which was to be called “5” with a planned release date sometime in the late summer. However, before the album was brought out Dune decided to release a second single called “Electric heaven”. The track combined the dance beats of the nineties with the electronic musical style of the eighties, resulting in a fresh, new song suitable for the summer. Unfortunately the single was a flop and Dune decided to stop working on the “5” album! Soon after Vanessa left the group to pursue other career areas because Dune had a new idea but Vanessa didn’t fit in it! And Dune was searching again for a new singer for making a new “Forever” album.

Did you know?
Rumor has is that the 3 B-tracks appeared on the “One Of Us” single
are leftovers from the “5” album en where renamed.

(Because of the lack of a high resolution official albumcover, this albumcover is re-made by Jurgen Joosten.)