Verena (Adam) von Strenge, born on July 27th 1975 in Germany, was ‘the’ singer for Dune. While there have been many different vocalists with Dune, the majority of fans agree that she is the one true vocalist that completes Dune! She began her career with the group as a dancer back when Dune consisted of Oliver Froning, Jens Oettrich and Bernd Burhoff. This job was the step that led to the group’s choosing of Verena to be their lead vocalist.

Verena’s love for dance started at a very young age. When she was only 5 years old, her grandmother (a former ballerina) taught her classical dance. Verena was going to pursue a career as a professional dancer but this was unfortunately not possible due to knee problems. Her favourite artists are Madonna and Janet Jackson.

Verena recorded three albums with Dune before deciding to take a chance at a solo career. She left Dune in 1997, shortly after recording the album “Forever” and filmed the video for the song, “Who Wants To Live Forever”. At first, there were contract complications, so Verena had to hold off on her solo music for a short while. In the end she signed a deal with Mega Records and through this record company she released her first solo-single called “Finally Alone”. Unfortunately it was not very successful in the charts.

A solo album was planned for release around August 1998 but before this it was decided to release a second single. Initially the single was to be “Heartbeat” to the point where the maxi-single and video for the song were produced. In addition, Verena performed the song live on a number of TV programmes. However, Mega records decided to cancel the release of “Heartbeat” and just used as a promo for a German TV program. “Heartbeat” was replaced for an other single, “Part Of Your World”, a song taken from the Disney film “The Little Mermaid”. It is unclear why this decision was made to release “Part Of Your World” instead of “Heartbeat” but in the end “Part Of Your World” flopped on the German charts. Following this, the planned track “Sky (Follow Me)”, a 140bpm dance track, was cancelled as well all work on Verena’s solo album, that would be called just “Verena”. Soon after, Verena and Mega Records parted ways.

For a while all went quiet around Verena and Dune! But soon after it was discovered that she had rejoined Dune and a comeback was planned for the end of 1999! Work began on a new Dune album entitled “Reunion”. The first ‘reunion’ single “Dark Side Of The Moon” was a small hit in Germany. Unfortunately work on this album stopped when legal complications arose regarding the release of the second single “Heaven”. Once again Dune decided to take a break so that each member could pursue his own interests.

Once again Verena decided to try her hand at a solo career and soon signed a deal with Edel records. In the summer of 2002 she planned to release a single called “Rain & Tears”, a cover of the song by Vangelis. Verena’s version was produced as a dance record and was accompanied by a number of great remixes by “DJs@work”, “Firebomb” and “Prefecto”. Disappointingly the single never made it past the promo stage as lack of interest and saw the record company withdraw the release from their schedules. Only a few 12″ vinyls and some promo CDs are available of this song. Once again Verena and her record company parted ways. Verena start searching again for a new record deal so that she  finally can release her solo album!

While Dune is working on new material for a comeback in 2003, Dune explainend to their fans that Verena will not involved in Dune’s comeback! But the new Dune single did contain the original vocal take of Verena from their 90’s song “Rainbow To The Stars” that was re-made to an all new song and released as “Rainbow To The Stars 2003”. After this release it was very quiet again around Verena and Dune again for a long time.

In 2005, Verena worked as an assistant for German music label 313 Music.

In february 2007 the new single “Angels” was released under the name Moon Dust. Verena was chosen as the lead vocalist for this project. It’s a cover of Robbie Williams “Angels” but this time recorded as a modern electro version with the beautiful voice of Verena. The single did not very well and soon after we learned that Verena was back to school, studying Pschology and she worked as an International Recruiter at Fox Mobile Group.

In 2009, Verena successfully finished her Diploma in Psychology and Ergonomics at the Technical University of Berlin. 

It looks like she has left the music industry and also the spotlights for good. Verena currently lives and works in Berlin and as of 2011 works as the Director of Human Resources at Plista GmbH. In 2012, 28th of July, she married and has taken her husband’s name Adam and they had a child together, a girl.

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